Code Signing Digital ID Instructions

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Symantec Code Signing IDs enable software developers to digitally sign software and macros for secure delivery over the Internet. The step by step instructions below provide a general overview of the enrollment process. For commercial organizations, the verification process in step 2 may take 3 to 5 business days to complete.
Vendor Specific Instructions 
Digital IDs Step by Step Overview 
Step 1: Download Signing Tools
The software development kit (SDK) for the browser or OS platform that your code target contains signing tools. Download the appropriate signing tools to your development computer. If you are using Java Code Signing, you will need to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to use during the enrollment process.
Step 2: Enrollment
Purchase a Code Signing ID from Symantec for your target browser or OS platform. Symantec offers code signing for Extended Validation Code Signing Certificate, Code Signing Certificate for Microsoft Authenticode, Code Signing Certificate for Microsoft Office and VBA, Java Code Signing Certificate, and Symantec Code Signing Certificate for Adobe Air. To begin the enrollment process for a Code Signing Digital ID you can go to the Symantec Product pages.
Step 3: Begin Using
When you receive your Code Signing ID from  Symantec, you are ready to use your signing tool. Use the instructions provided by your vendor in the signing tools download or refer to the vendor specific instructions above.
Related Information 
This Intermediate is used with the  Symantec Code Signing Digital ID’s. This Intermediate is sent with the Digital ID issuance email, however it is available for download if needed.
When a customer or  Symantec revokes a Code Signing ID for security reasons, the Digital ID is published on a publicly accessible Certificate Revocation List (CRL). If a user tries to download code signed with the revoked Digital ID, they will receive an error message. They can check the CRL to find out why the Digital ID was revoked and take appropriate action.

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