When Opening Encrypted Email, Outlook States: Certificate Cannot be Found in the Underlying Security System

Solution ID:    SO12479    Updated:    05/11/2016


Encrypted emails received from others cannot be opened.

Error Message

A certificate cannot be found in the underlying security system.


  • The root and intermediate certificates have not been installed.
  • The correct Digital ID Certificate is not installed.
  • This is a new computer or Outlook profile where the Digital ID certificate has not been installed.
  • An expired Digital ID certificate has been removed from the computer.


First, install the root and intermediate certificates from the knowledge base article linked here.

If you continue to experience the error, please confirm the digital ID certificate is installed by reviewing the Outlook setup steps here.

If you are on a new computer, user profile, Outlook profile, or an expired Digital ID Certificate has been removed from the computer, please restore the certificate from backup or replace the certificate if it is still valid.


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