How to digitally sign and encrypt an e-mail message in Microsoft Outlook 2003?

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STEP 1:  Send a signed message:
  1. Open Microsoft Outlook
  2. Open a new email
  3. From the Message or Options tab, select the signing icon (small, yellow envelope with a red ribbon ).
  4. Click OK > Close
  5. Complete and send the message 

STEP 2:  Prepare to send an Encrypted Message: 

To send an encrypted message, you need that person's PKI public key. When you receive a digitally signed message from that person, follow these steps:
  1. Open the digitally signed message
  2. Right-click the name in the From field
  3. Click Add To Contacts
  4. Click Save and Close
  5. If an entry for this person exists, click Update This Address. The ECA or Digital ID certificates's public key is stored with your contact entry for this person. You can now send encrypted email messages to this person

NOTE:  The above procedure is only required:

  1. for the first exchange of emails between two people
  2. a certificate is renewed or replaced - the owner of the new certificate must send a digitally signed email to his contacts and they must add the contact to their contact list again

STEP 3:  Send an encrypted email:

  1. Open a new message
  2. From the Message or Options tab, select the encryption icon (small, yellow envelope with a blue lock )
  3. Complete and send the message 

NOTE:  An error will be displayed if the sender does not have the public key of the recipient.

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