How to configure a certificate for multiple e-mail addresses on Outlook 2003?

Solution ID:    SO5713    Updated:    06/25/2009


1.  Open Microsoft Outlook
2.  From the menu, click Tools > Options > Security Tab
3.  Under Encrypted e-mail, select Setting
4.  Under Security Setting Name, select New
5.  Enter a Security Setting Name
6.  Under Certificates and Algorithms, click Choose for Signing certificate and/or Encryption certificate
7.  From the list, select the appropriate certificate
8.  Click OK
For each certificate, create a new Security Setting.

To select the correct certificate, when opening a new e-mail, select the Options > Security Settings > Under Security Settings, select the correct security setting name associated with the certificate, then click OK.  Now, you have assigned the second certificate to the new outgoing e-mail.

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