How do I configure a Digital ID for Microsoft Outlook 2007?

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Configure Class 1 Digital ID in Outlook 2007
Send a signed email in Outlook 2007
Send an encrypted email in Outlook 2007


After you have installed your Class 1 Digital ID, please follow these instructions to configure it in Outlook. 
NOTE: If you have not received the Pick-Up Pin Email that contains the installation instructions, please contact support at

OPTION 1 - Enable Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 to digitally sign all e-mails by default

Note: This is the preferred option.

Configure the Digital ID:

1.  Open Outlook 2007
2.  From the menu bar, select Tools > Trust Center > E-mail Security
3.  Under Encrypted email, select Settings
4.  Under Certificates and Algorithms, there are two Choose buttons.  The first one allows you to select a Digital ID to sign your e-mails and the second one allows you to choose a Digital ID to encrypt your e-mail messages.
5.  Click Choose and select your Digital ID for both Signing. The Hash Algorithm for Signing Certiifcate is SHA1 and Encryption Hash Algorithm should be 3DES.
6.  Click OK

Send a Signed Message:

1.  Open a new message
2.  From the menu bar, click Message
3.  Under Options, click Signing Icon (envelope with red ribbon)
4.  Complete and send the message

Send an Encrypted Message:

To send someone a encrypted message, you need a copy of the recipient's digital id.  When you receive a digitally signed message from someone, follow these steps:

1.  Open the digitally signed message
2.  Right-click the name in the From field
3.  Select Add to Outlook Contacts
4.  Click Save and Close
Note:  If an entry exists, select Update new information from this contact to the existing one.  Click OK
5.  Open a new message
6.  From the menu bar, click Message
7.  Under Options, click Encryption Icon (envelope with blue ribbon)
6.  Complete and send the message


OPTION 2 - Enable Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 to digitally sign a specific e-mail with a specific certificate

  1. Launch a new e-mail.
  2. Click on the Options tab.
  3. Click on the arrow to the right of More Options.
  4. Click on Security Settings...
  5. Click on Add digital signature to this message
  6. Click on Change Settings
  7. Next to Signing Certificate, click on Choose and select the new Symantec certificate.
  8. Next to Encryption Certificate, click on Choose and select the new Symantec certificate.
  9. Click on OK and OK again.
  10. Click on Close.


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