What is the .pfx password or Why is my password not working?

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I do not know the .pfx password

I forgot the .pfx password

The password is not working


A .pfx file can be created when backing up the following certificate(s):

  • SSL Certificate (usually for Microsoft IIS)
  • Code Signing ID
  • ECA Certificate
  • Class 1 Digital ID (Personal Email)

    The backup (.pfx) file will contain the certificate's private and public keys. During the export process, a password is created by the user to protect the file.  The password is required to import the certificate(s).

If the password is not working or is not known, try the following:

  1. If the original PC with the certificate(s) is still available, export the certificate again and create another password.

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  2. If it not possible to re-export the certificate, the certificate(s) must be replaced.

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