How to take ownership of the private keys for Windows XP Home Edition?

Solution ID:    SO11725    Updated:    05/05/2009


1.  Restart the computer:  Start > Turn off Computer > Restart
2.  When BIOS is booting (before the Windows boot appears), hit F8 key
3.  From the Windows Advanced menu options, select Safe Mode
4.  Navigate to <System Drive>\Documents and Settings\<profile name>\ApplicationData\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\<Private Key Directory> (ie. S-1-5-21-....)
5.  There should be several files located in this folder.  Right click a file , select Open with > Notepad.
6.  If you receive an Access Denied, right click on the file and select Properties 
7.  From the window, select Security tab
8.  From the top menu, select your User account
9.  From the bottom menu, check all boxes under the Allow column

Repeat step 9 for each file in this folder.  Once completed, restart the computer and try to export the private key again.



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