Managed PKI 8.13 | Unable to log in with PKI Client on the Firefox® browser.

Solution ID:    SO27063    Updated:    12/28/2015


Because of changes in the Mozilla Firefox browser, you might experience issues logging into websites using the latest version of Symantec PKI Client.

This typically occurs if you have upgraded to the latest version of PKI Client and:
• This is the first time that you have used PKI Client on the Firefox browser to log into a website; or,
• You have not enrolled for a certificate on the Firefox browser with this version of PKI Client.


You will need to manually install the Firefox extension for PKI Client:
1. From your Firefox browser, click this link:
2. Follow the prompts to install the extension.
3. You can verify the extension was installed:
    a. Enter about:addons in the URL bar.
    b. Click Extensions in the left pane. You should see Symantec Authentication Client Extension in the list of extensions.
If the extension is disabled, click Enable next to it.
You should now be able to log into your website using PKI Client on the Firefox browser.



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