How to replace a Managed PKI Administrator ID?

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You should replace your Administrator ID for one of the following reasons: 
  • The private key password is lost or forgotten
  • The private key is corrupted and unrecoverable
  • Any other reason that does not constitute a compromise to the ID 
There is no cost for replacing an existing administrator id.  The expiration date of the new Administrator ID will be the same as the original Administrator ID.  To replace an administrator ID, perform the following:
Please send a signed and scanned copy of a letter requesting the revocation of the Administrator ID either via email to or via fax to 1-650 237-8892.
The revocation letter needs to be printed on your company letterhead and contain the following information:
  • Attention to Managed PKI Enterprise Authentication Revoke/Replacement
  • Reason for revoking
  • Organizational Name of your account
  • Organizational Unit of your account
  • Technical contact's full name
  • Technical contact's phone number
  • Technical contact's e-mail address
  • Signature of the Technical or Corporate Contact (any other signatures will delay or halt the process) 
Once Enterprise customer support revokes the Administrator ID, you will receive a confirmation email that the Administrator ID has been revoked.  Once revocation is complete, enroll for an additional administrator id.
  1. Go to
  2. Under Managed PKI, click Purchase additional Administrator IDs
  3. Complete the enrollment form
  4. Under Step 4, in the PO number field, enter REPLACEMENT


Once enrollment is complete, send an email to and request the approval of the pending enrollment.

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