Error: ''The page cannot be displayed'' when trying to access the Control Center from another domain

Solution ID:    SO3732    Updated:    07/27/2016


When accessing the Mananged PKI for SSL or Managed PKI Control Center, you may experience the following error message:

This page cannot be displayed


This error occurs when the private key is stored under a different user's profile.


For Microsoft Internet Explorer, each user's digital certificate is stored in a unique registry key. When you log in to a different domain (even using the same user name) Internet Explorer uses a different registry key. Even though you are prompted for the Administrator ID, the private key is missing from the following user profile.

To resolve this problem, log-in to the correct user profile and export a copy of the certificate. Click here for export instructions.

Once exported, log-in to the new user profile and import the certificate.  Click here for import instructions.

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