How to install the Administrator ID in Directory Object Manager (DOM)?

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To install the Administrator Credential in (DOM) Directory Object Manager, follow these steps:
1. Export your Managed PKI Administrator ID from your Web browser. For additional information, click one of the following solution IDs:
SO7079 How do I export a certificate from Microsoft Internet Explorer?

SO2139 How do I export a certificate from Netscape Navigator?
 2. Start the DOM Configuration Wizard. At the command line, enter: 
Microsoft Windows NT:  c:\Program Files\Symantec\dom\bin\domconfig
Sun Solaris:  /opt/dom/sbin/domconfig
3. When prompted for the Administrator Credential, browse to the Administrator ID backup file. 
4. Continue through the DOM Configuration Wizard. 
5. Execute the DOM program to confirm your installation.
6. At the command line, enter:  
Microsoft Windows NT:   c:\Program Files\Symantec\dom\bin\dom -d 
Sun Solaris:   /opt/VRSNdom/sbin/dom

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