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Why did Symantec request my business registration?
Why is action required on my part?
Symantec requested my business registration documents.


Symantec is unable to verify valid business registration for your organization name
Symantec cannot authenticate your organization.


Symantec must verify that your organization is registered with a government agency and in good standing in the location listed in your order. 

Listed below are some of the potential reasons why Symantec requested your business registration documents: 

1) The organization name listed in your order is not your organization’s legal, registered name.

If you did not list your organization’s legal, registered name, please contact Customer Support using the contact information below.

2) Your organization is not registered in the location listed in your order.

The Locality listed in your order should pertain to (i) the geographic location of your Organization as recorded in your Organization’s Registration documentation, or (ii) in cases where multiple operational premises exists, any other geographical location of an operational premise; not simply the geographical location of a server.

Note:  The locality listed in your order should pertain to your organization’s registration and not the location of the server.

The state listed in the order is South Dakota.

Country:  US
State:  South Dakota
Locality:  Pierre
Organization:  Symantec, Inc
Common Name:

However, the organization is actually registered as a business in California

If your organization is registered in a different location than that which is listed in your order, please contact Customer Support using the contact information below.

3) There are no government databases with which to confirm your organization’s registration

Please fax or e-mail a current, government-filed business registration document for the organization name listed in your order using the contact information below.

Acceptable documents:

*Articles of Incorporation
*Business License
*Certificate of Formation
*Doing Business As Statement
*Registration of Trade Name or Assumed Name
*Fictitious Name Statement
*Charter Documents
*Partnership Papers
*Vendor/Reseller/Merchant License
*Merchant Certificate

If you do not have one of the above documents, or if you have any questions, please contact Customer Support.

Contact Symantec

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